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ASTYM® Physical Therapy Wheeling

ASTYM® in Wheeling, WV & Washington, PA

Find out how to recover quicker from an injury or surgery WITHOUT the risk of re-injury or surgical compromise.

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What Is ASTYM®?

The ASTYM System is the form of augmented soft tissue mobilization (ASTM) that allows the clinician to stimulate the body's own capacity for healing in patients with soft tissue degeneration or fibrosis and chronic inflammation. This leading edge, non-invasive treatment is performed with ergonomically designed instruments that initiate the healing process necessary for tissue remodeling.

How Does ASTYM® Work?

The ASTYM System's effectiveness is theorized to be due to the following:

Adhesions and inappropriate fibrosis within soft tissue can result from trauma, surgery, immobilization or repetitive strain. The ASTYM System stimulates the breakdown of this dysfunctional tissue and allows functional restoration to occur.
Soft tissue adhesions and resulting restrictions are identified and broken down.
Controlled microtrauma initiates a local inflammatory response that leads to the resorption of inappropriate fibrosis or excessive scar tissue.
In chronic tendonopathies, doses of controlled microtrauma stimulate regeneration of the affected tendons.
Existing collagen is remodeled and new collagen is influenced by a program of specific functional activities and stretching.
What Can The Patient Expect?

The ASTYM System program begins with a thorough evaluation. The clinician then administers a 10 to 15 minute treatment addressing the entire kinetic chain. A regimen of specific strengthening and stretching exercises is prescribed, customized to the patient's work, athletic or recreational activities. Patients experience a decrease in pain and rapid improvement in function which results in high patient compliance and satisfaction.

Who Can Benefit from ASTYM®?

Patients who are experiencing pain or loss of motion and function following surgery, injury, cumulative trauma disorders, and chronic irritation/tendinitis may benefit from ASTYM. Some of the clinical diagnoses which have responded well include:

Lateral Epicondylitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Dequervain's Tenosynovitis
Trigger Finger
Joint Contractures
IT Band Syndrome
Patellar Tendinitis
Anterior Knee Pain
Shin Splints
Chronic Ankle Sprains
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tenditinitis
Other Forms of Tendinitis & Tendinopathies
** Physician referral may be required for treatment

What Benefits Does ASTYM® Provide?

Multiple studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the System in restoring mobility and hastening recovery in patients with cumulative trauma disorders and other soft tissue dysfunctions. In a vast majority of cases it offers these distinct advantages:

Restoration to pre-injury level of activity
Enjoyment of maximal results with a minimal number of treatments through an emphasis on re-establishing function
Maintenance of normal activity in conjunction with the treatment
Decreased need for splints, braces or job site modifications
Decreased need for surgical intervention
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