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Success Stories

Dona W
Overcame back pain.
I came to CrossRoad Physical Therapy clinic unable to lie flat or sit in most chairs without pain. With treatment, that I was well able to tolerate, I improved tremendously. I can sit in most of my chairs for long periods. I can lie flat without pain and I can ride in the car for a long period without pain. The staff was pleasant and considerate. I found that everyone listened to my needs and how I was doing. This was the most worthwhile experience.
Sally B
Overcame knee pain.
During the summer of 2014 I was training for a marathon. I put in hundreds of miles during that time and imagine my disappointment when I found myself unable to run due to knee pain. Kevin and the staff were very accommodating. Kevin showed me exercises to not only strengthen my knee during the course of my overuse injury, but as a preventative method as well. I’m pleased to say not only was my treatment successful, but my marathon experience was pain free. I’m thankful for the care I received there.
Vivian J
Overcame neck pain.
I came to see Kevin for chronic pain which resulted from an old injury that required surgery. I had limited mobility in my neck, shoulders and arms. I could not even turn my head without pain… I returned to distance walking and lifting weights and was able to become a certified yoga instructor. I feel certain without their expertise this would not have happened. I am eternally grateful.
Carl W
Overcame shoulder pain.
Kevin and everyone that worked with me throughout my recovery have helped me tremendously. They were all very professional and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what exercises to have me do and progressed me without causing me more pain. With their instruction, I was able to regain 100% range of motion and strength. I couldn’t have done that without them. I couldn’t be happier with my doctor’s recommendation to do my therapy here. I can’t thank them enough.”
Kathie J
Overcame sciatica pain.
In July 2017 I injured my back and sciatica by slipping in my shower. I wasn’t able to stand upright, bend, lift or even walk normally. After taking pain pills which really didn’t help, my doctor suggested that I go to therapy. I never thought I would be almost pain free, but with Kevin’s help he has made me a success story! All in all I am doing so much better and I made a wonderful new friend!
Chase O., Washington:
Overcame back pain.
I injured myself while working out in the gym. So I came to Kevin bent over and almost unable to walk. He did several different treatments. After a few visits I was back in the gym training like I never even missed a day. I would recommend anyone with any type of injury to stop in and give Kevin a chance to fix you. Thank you again for putting me back on top.
Matt T
Overcame knee pain.
I came to Crossroads Physical Therapy after having surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Even though I had previously been through physical therapy for other reasons, I had never had surgery before and did not know what to expect. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and confident in what my recovery would look like and I was immediately put to ease after speaking with him. At Crossroads Physical Therapy; they were flexible with my frequent travel schedule and saw to it that we accomplished therapy in a timely fashion… Thanks Kevin!
Tammi M
Overcame neck pain.
Loved the staff, after my first six weeks I wanted to come back for more. I was almost 100% better, just needed a little more love and care. For having to do something you really don’t want to, they made it very enjoyable. Would use them again.
Randelle H
Overcame shoulder pain.
I’ve worked at my job for nine years, all the heavy lifting and a petite girl like myself, was bound to get an injury. My shoulder hurt so bad I couldn’t lift without pain. Almost two months later, and the help, care, and professional advice of Kevin and his team at CrossRoads Physical Therapy, has given me hope and the ability to be 100% at my job and stay active! A big thank you and one of a kind therapy. I would recommend CrossRoads to anyone who wants success and quick healing!
Brandie T
Overcame sciatica pain.
I had an amazing experience when I came here. The moment that I came in they all (Kevin, Jami, & Nate) treated me as though I was family. They were always kind and I always left with a smile. They all know how to do their job. Kevin got me back on my feet and doing everything like I used to do. Thank you all
Michelle O
Overcame back pain.
I have had a mild case of scoliosis since 6th grade, which has caused me low back pain. I came to CrossRoads Physical Therapy to get relief from my back pain and I couldn’t be happier. He has helped me tremendously. I really enjoy dry needling and the exercises he gave me to do on my own, they have made a huge difference. Thanks Kevin!
Matt L
Overcame leg pain.
I have never before injured a muscle on a large scale. I tore my quad and couldn’t run, play basketball, or participate in any other sport I was accustomed to playing. I immediately made plans with CrossRoads to come in for PT. I was apprehensive at first because I’d never gone to a physical therapist before and I was worried this would take a long time. Kevin met with me at a time that fit my schedule and had me in and out very quickly… CrossRoads made me feel comfortable and cared for during every visit…
Tracy W
Overcame neck pain.
I was having pain in my upper back and shoulder area. Also, tingling in my fingertips when I lean forward. We tried treatments such as traction, ASTYM, dry needling, E-Stim and various exercises. After a few weeks of therapy the symptoms greatly improved and now I am pain free. My physical therapy experience was definitely a positive one.
Rick C
Overcame shoulder pain.
When I first came, I was told that I didn’t need surgery. Kevin looked at my x-ray and CAT scan and said I needed surgery. He referred me to a great surgeon at UPMC. After surgery I came back and Kevin had made my shoulder from 40% to 90%. Even the doctor at UPMC was pleased with the results of my treatment. I have recommended Kevin to all my friends and others. He has been great!
Betty L
Overcame sciatic pain.
Before PT I was having a lot of pain with walking. Now I am back to normal thanks to the great staff Kevin, TJ, Nate, and Jamie made the experience comfortable and pleasant. Great work!

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